10" White Flannel Airway Buffing Wheels| Part Number: 10WHITE-CP


Airway Buffing Wheels For Metal Polishing

Our Airway Buffing Wheels are made by using different mill treatments and fabric construction methods to create wheels of various stiffness levels to be used on different metals

Stainless Steel Metal Polishing

Polishing stainless steel with our Airway Buffing Wheels is typically a two step process. The first step is to pair our red airway buffing wheel with out Black Magic Compound. The second step involves using a Pink buffing wheel with our Yellow Deluxe Compound. For an extra show-shine finish, some use a white buffing wheel with our Blue Rouge Metal Polishing Compound at no more than 2,200 RPM.

With Removable Plate

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  • Model: 10WHITE-CP
  • Manufacturer: Renegade Products

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